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Just Go Ride with Rick Barbezat | EP 15

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Welcome back to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast where every week you get to learn something new about electric bikes. Today, I have Rick Barbezat, who is a local here in Nevada County and one of my good customers, so I get to see him often in and out of the shop here. Let's get into the episode and learn some great things about Rick what he's done with his ebikes, some of his experience in the past with electronics, and have some fun. This is episode number 15 of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. 

In this episode, you’ll learn more about:

  • What Rick did when he first got his ebike that led to his passion today. 
  • Why Rick wasn’t an average Joe when it came to electronics. 
  • When he knew he had to get an ebike for his wife. 
  • How he agrees to keep advancing the technology so that the competition is behind the curve. 
  • What he did to create his 3rd ebike and what he learned from that build. 
  • His favorite places to ride his ebike in California. 
  • Why he enjoys having an ebike that he can upgrade when he is ready.
  • A fun chat about front and rear hub motors over mid-drive motors.

That was Episode Number 15 of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast with Rick Barbezat, a local customer here in Nevada County, California. So happy that he is having fun with ebikes. And I think he will be for many years to come. Now if you're new to the podcast, make sure to go to Not only can you sign up for my weekly newsletter, where I notify you when new podcast episodes have been released, but after you do that, but you’re also going to get a separate email showing you how to enter to win an electric bike because I just love giving bikes away as much as I possibly can. Once again, that's Now if you've already been listening for a while, I do of course love those five-star reviews. So make sure you go to Apple podcasts or your other favorite podcasting app that you're listening on right now. And make sure to leave a nice five-star review for Bolton Ebikes. Thanks again for listening. I will talk to you next week.

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  • Another informative well done podcast, Thanks Kyle.

    Don Donner on
  • I so enjoy your podcasts. This one today talked about the need for a mid drive when in hilly areas. I have just purchased a Bitrix Stunner X which is not an ‘off road’ bike but I plan to do some of that anyway. I especially liked the idea of carrying and extra chain. I had planned to do the chain break and extra links and I will do that still.

    Don Morey on
  • Seem like we should be riding anywhere with easy bikes but sometimes their safety involve and I’m glad to have safety to write in different places but I don’t have a bike but I wished I had one.

    Robbie Roberts on

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