Area 13 - Electric Bikes that are out of this world.
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The FALCON is bringing E-Mountain Bikes to Area 13 Ebikes like never before!

Some components shown may vary from production model of bike.
NOTE: Upgraded Controller ETA LATE 2022!
  • Full Carbon Frame and Swingarm
  • RockShox front and rear suspension
  • Only 52lbs ready to ride!
52lbs with over 1,000 watts of peak power?  YES, that's an option...
The base bike has the Bafang M600 mid-drive motor.  It has torque sensing, multiple speed sensors, and an extra quiet internal gear.  It's smooth and lightweight, with nominal power of 500 watts and torque of 120NM.

If you want MORE power, upgrade to the Archon controller from Watt Wagons.  This upgrades the bike to 1,000 watts nominal power and 1,200 watts peak!  Not only does the controller increase power, it actually increases efficiency too!  (Don't believe us?  Watt wagons has the world record for distance on an ebike in 24 hours.)  The Archon X1 intelligently improves the smooth power delivery of the M600 motor, and allows it's full potential to be unlocked.

CLICK HERE for detailed specifications.**

*Lead time is approximate based on the current status of parts availability and shipping time frames.  Although we will do everything in power to deliver on time (if not before!), they are NOT however guaranteed delivery dates.
**Components subject to change based on availability.

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